Security level / browser checks

hi all

Ive got CF enabled for a v small wedding website running on my rasppi at home (apache)

Before tweaking the settings and adding a uname/pw in apache to access., I did see quite a few bots and requests coming in, so set security level to I’m under attack, but i’m curious about browser checks.

I found this under firewall - settings and enabled. But also see the same option under page rules - add my domain/* and www.domain/* and ensure browser integrity check is set.

Are these the same settings or am I OK to remove the two entries I have under page rules?


@user3254 They are the same.

In your case, you activated the browser integrity check on the whole domain. However, page rules can be used to activate certain rules under a specific URL or subdomain or URL patterns using wildcards.

thanks, understood. So the main firewall browser integrity check will affect the whole domain and I can remove the 2 page rules I’ve added as they are getting overruled.

That should be the case. To make sure the solution works as needed, you can run a test and monitor the firewall logs. The logs must show you the blocked/challenged requests based on the rule you’ve created.

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