Security Headers for my site stopped working after switching to CloudFlare

Hi, I’m hosting WordPress on SiteGround and I point my name servers to Cloudflare.
I’ve already set up Security Headers on my htaccess for my site and checking on securityheaders everything was fine and I got an all Green score.

after moving to Cloudflare and changing some of the settings something happend and the Security Headers for my site no longer seem configured on the securityheaders site check, I also checked with another security headers checker and it showed same result.

How do I ensure all security headers are in place?

Depending on what settings you changed, you could have overwritten some security header.

To find out, if the security headers are getting removed from Cloudflare or anything else, please put the domain you are talking about into developer mode (Cloudflare will not touch anything when in developer mode) and test again.

A.) if you see the security headers, then something at Cloudflare disables them.
B.) if you still can’t see them, then they have never been set properly, or something else removes them

Just a quick note: Cloudflare by default does not touch security headers. And sharing the domain you are talking about would be beneficial for debugging from our side.

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