Security check on my website every 30 seconds

i host a domain on cloudflare, i get security check asking me to complete CAPTCHA like every 10 clicks, my other domains are fine just this one. how do i disable that???i gonna lose a lot of buyers for that!!!

That page appears because of a setting you’ve set on your cloudflare dashboard. I’d check you firewall settings like Challenge Passage time and blocked IPs.

You may also want to compare the settings for the domain that challenges and compare against any domains you have where this does not occur, that may help you to spot the issue.

You could also search the Community before you post by clicking here.


Thanks for the quick response. But could you tell me which setting is causing such problem?

Many thanks

Can you share the domain name here? If it’s a captcha challenge I suspect it’s either the challenge passage, security level, or a firewall block by country or ip.


I changed some CCS setting and it seem to be fine now, thanks a lot for your helps.

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