Security breach

our site and account was attacked and s site was added to our plans and a domain was purchased and billed to our account , our sites were down for many days and i contacted cloudflare for 8 days now with numerous messages and marked them as urgent , I updated them daily with no response

can anyone help?

can you share the affected domains and ticket numbers? was your hosting compromised or just cloudflare?

Not sure if this is cloudflare official reply
And not comfortable sharing it

As we are Still suffering from this cause

You can decide whether to share the information, if you don’t want to disclose the domain names, then please provide a more detailed description of what is happening as well as the ticket number. What plan is your website on?

I’m not a cloudflare employee, just a volunteer that can help escalating this case to a cloudflare engineer

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Thank you

And some one accesses our account and purchased a domain and halted our service

Hi @kalabidi,

I just replied to you in the ticket.

I hope this helps, but please let us know in the ticket if you need further assistance.

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