Securing your connection... - WARP Version 2023.7.7.0

Hello there,

In Version 2023.7.7.0 when connecting to Cloudflare WARP the status remains in Securing your connection…
But when checking through the link below, I see that the connection is established with Warp!

Hi, I have the same issue. After update to version 2023.7.7.0 the app stuck on “Connecting…”

Testing on, indicates that I’m not connected to CF.

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yes same issue when i updated to 20237.7.0
i resolve this problem by uninstalling this last version
and installing version 2023.3.450.0
it works well

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Same here, can’t connect at all after the last update

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The new version 2023.7.160.0 still has this problem! @ryan
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Have you guys tested the latest version?

yes it still persists

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where did you get the older version from, I searched google upside down and couldn’t reach any older versions of warp :frowning:

from here you can get older versions: “Currently, version 2023.3.450.0 works without problems”

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Thank you man you’re a life saver :heart:

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