Securing iis website

Can Cloudflare secure IIS Site with Public IP Address and how to set it up?


You can use CF as a waf if that is what you are asking. But you would need to set up a dns record and use that instead of ip.

Depending on if you have access to the operating system or not will determine how to set it up.

You would need to block requests made directly to the ip.

You would need to proxy http/s traffic via CF.

You would need to block all traffic in except from CF ips

As stated above. Depending on if you have access to OS or not I would tell you how to do fire-walling side.

thanks for the adv. cud u please elaborate more on this by using step by step or easiest way

What level of access do you to the site? Do you have access to iis or the windows server that it is on?

yes we do

use server iis logon

Okay. Only giving a basic overview of how to lock down IIS. The server is a separate issue.

The first step is to make sure that all the records that are going to the IIS server are going through Cloudflare by making sure they have the orange cloud.

From here, select the second option call “Allowing connections from specific IP addresses only to a website via IIS” You want to whitelist all of Cloudflare’s IPs and then deny everything else.

Then you want to block direct IP connections to the IIS server by following this

After following these all web requests will be severed over Cloudflare.

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ok will do this when I get back home. thanks will let you know if anything changes and no problem.

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