Securing externally pointed subdomain

I want to secure my subdomain which is pointed to external IP.

My Domain is with Godaddy and hosting with NameCheap.
Now, in order to secure my subdomain with Cloudflare, I have to change the nameserver in Godaddy DNS.

As my website hosting ( and my email forwarding is with NameCheap, will I lose these services if I change the nameservers in godaddy ?

Check the link below:

Hi @expressmessengerbiz,

As long as you make sure all the DNS records are copied across, it should work as it did before.

You can set anything that you don’t want running through Cloudflare to :grey: and what you do to :orange:.

I have website hosted with NameCheap and it was built using the namecheap’s website creator. Also I am using NameCheap’s email forwarding solution in their cPanel. Will I lose the NameCheap’s service after I change the DNS in GoDaddy (domain provider) ?

As long as all the DNS records are correct, you should be fine :slight_smile:

You won’t lose other services, they will continue to host your website.

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