Securing Cloud Run behind Cloudflare

I really tried finding the answer online and in the community, but didn’t find a situation like mine.

Goal. Protect 2 Google Cloud Run services behind CF reverse proxy.

Setup. We run a Cloudways Wordpress site at and have two Cloud Run services we want to run at (SaaS) and (API).

After reading or experiencing all kinds of issues with custom domain mapping, SSL re-verification, etc, we just want a durable solution that works and doesn’t require a GCP load balancer or other such complication or expense. We already have CFs Dedicated or Advanced SSL Certificate for

We don’t mind not having a custom domain mapping at CR or having the naked Cloud Run url not secured by CF. We just want the benefits of a reverse proxy with the confidence SSL won’t break at renewal on the CR side. We read somewhere that CDN wouldn’t work because of IP changes at CF or CR and our head started spinning. I’ve been running CF in front of an Azure Function for years and never thought switching would be so complicated.

Thanks in advance

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