Secure website

If HTTPS:// rewrites is not on I get that.
If it is on it just redirects me to park.
tried everything a google search would land me and nothing resolved the issue.
However, others have told me they can access the site fine.
I have cleared all of my search history and even downloaded another browser, nothing prevails.

-Thanks in advance.

Reading from the console prompt above it looks like it is kottrpg (.) Com

Edit: upon further inspection I see it in his profile

Perhaps it could be a firewall error on his side?

Something weird is going on if I use a browser. I get endless 302 redirects.

Doesn’t work from GTMetrix, Pingdom, and WebPageTest.

So my theory is your origin server doesn’t have SSL for your site, but you have SSL here set to Full. Your origin server needs an SSL certificate.

I’m not getting any site at all. just a 404

It’s interesting because I have ssl.
The parked domain does not have ssl.
Do I need flexible or full?
Also with the 301,302 redirects do I need my domains and aubdomains to redirect?

If you go to the Cloudflare Overview page for your domain and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site”, does your site work properly? You may have to wait 5 minutes for that change to take effect.

Roger that, I paused it now I’ll give it some time to buffer.
Seems to be a negative so far.

Right now, it’s (back?) on Cloudflare. Still the same.

If it was paused, and doing the same thing, it’s a server issue that needs to be resolved before you put it back on Cloudflare.

I’m doing everything I can in order to get this fixed.
How can I fix the server issue?

I appreciate the effort and can sympathize with trying to fix something that’s mysteriously broken.

The top priority is it to get the site functioning independently of Cloudflare. I suggest you Pause Cloudflare and leave it that way until you get the site up again.

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It was a ip issue.
I got it resolved.

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