Secure website checking

Anytime I try to visit “ANY” site that uses Cloudflare security, I’m asked to verify you are human. It gets stuck after ticking the “Verify” box, and it wants me to do it again, again, and again, like it’s caught in a feedback loop. I use a VPN to access
most of these sites because they recommend it. How do you get pass this security check? BTW, It won’t allow me to post a link to a website I’m having issues with. Sorry.

Many website frown upon accessing them through VPN services various hosting providers known not to be housing e.g. residential/business Internet users, so I’m quite surprised to see that you mention “most of these sites” and “they recommend it” in the same sentence.

That being said, does it still happen if you try disabling the VPN?

You can eventually try surrounding the link with backticks (`), or put it in a code block, like one of those two examples:


Please share some information about your set up, where this is an issue.

  1. What operating system (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  2. What browser (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  3. What is the full list of extensions (including version/revision numbers), installed in your browser?

Doesn’t matter if the VPN is on or off still have the issue.

My OS is Windows 10

Chrome Version 115.0.5790.102

No extensions installed

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