Secure web gateway and remote browser isolation

Dear helpers,

I am a small business. I do not host any application or website and do not have any remote device. I need secure web gateway and remote browser isolation to protect my business PC’s from virus when they connect to internet. I already installed and test drived the WARP Client on 1 PC, but whenever I connected the WARP Client, I cannot access the internet. Please help.

Thank you.

Can you be a bit more specific? What do you mean by not being able to access the internet? Is it a certificate error?

Hello jnperamo,

Thank you for trying to help. I have solved the problem of losing internet connection whenever I connected the WARP Client by removing my on-premise next generation firewall ( they are not compatible ).

However, given I do not host any website or application and do not have any remote user, and I only need Secure Web Gateway (with Firewall) and Remote Browser Isolation to protect my PC’s whenever they connect to the internet, which one is the application that I should use: WARP Client or Cloudflared ?

Thank you.

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Makes sense; I guess it didn’t like the MITM that WARP needs to perform.

If I’m not mistaken, you should use WARP. You will see a developer sidebar once RBI is working.

Also, if you are interested in securing your machines, I would advise having an MDR, EDR, or XDR before RBI. While RBI is cool and a must-have to accomplish higher levels of security, I believe that modern browser sandboxes aren’t bad at keeping attacks at bay. EDRs, however, protect the machine as a whole.

Cloudflare zero trust isn’t an EDR by itself; however, it’s partnered with some EDRs out there.

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