Secure subdomain forwarding

I am trying to forward a subdomain ( to another secure site ( I’ve added a CNAME for cxd. musedlab org and am using a page rule to forward - Permanent 301 - to the new site, but when a user goes to the site, it forwards insecure. What should I be doing differently so that the user arrives at the new site securely?

The problem here is:

  • BOTH domains are not secured completely.

This in first case does not have anything to do with the forward.

I have control over the domain. It is set to full… would setting SSL to Full (Strict) solve this?

That host (cxd) is not :orange: so it is never hitting Cloudflare’s edge. Without that a 301 page rule is not going to fire.

Exactly thats the first thing.

As far as I know Full (Strict) SSL requires a valid (or CF-Signed) SSL Cert at the end the domain is pointing to. Which you seem also not to have.

But as we already do have a Staff here, @cs-cf is there a simple way to redirect/forward domains with SSL and without, without having to hit the origin Server, as I also plan to redirect some domains completely, but untill now I still have to point them to the origin Server and set up a SSL Cert there to make the redirect happen.

Could Cloudflare not just ignore SSL-Checks at origin if a redirect is implemented at Cloudflare and just verify that with the Edge-SSL-Cert which is implemented? Or am I thinking wrong here?

Because I would love to have Full (Strict) SSL set and still redirect some subdomains without having to setup a SSL Cert at the origin it points to as it anyway gets redirected

If you have a page rule in place to do redirection (forwarding URL) Cloudflare doesn’t communicate with he origin at all, it simply returns a 301 or 302 to the browser to the URL you’ve specified as the target.

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Ok thank you, will test it again.

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