Secure port for email using joomla

I am using joomla and I am trying to set up my email with smtp setting in my configuration. I have tried all the https ports you suggested but none of them worked. I have tried using localhost and and both don’t work.

HTTP proxying

Cloudflare can proxy traffic going over the HTTP/HTTPS ports listed below.

If your traffic is on a different port, you can add it as a record in your Cloudflare DNS zone file as something we don’t proxy (gray cloud = no Cloudflare proxy or caching on a record).

The HTTP ports that Cloudflare support are:

The HTTPs ports that Cloudflare support are:

How can this be corrected? Thanks

Cloudflare generally does not handle mail.

If you do not handle email why is there a proxy set up for email in my dns settings with you guys?? if I have my webmail going through Cloudflare you should have a port for it. This doesn’t make sense. Here is another post where someone was using joomla emailing system and needed a port number. Here is the SAME question that someone else used and you gave an answer.

If we are using your dns for our email servers there needs to be a port for us to use.

Proxy setup, DNS settings? Can you post a screenshot?

Generally you certainly need to set up mail entries, but these cant be proxied (:grey:) and hence have to point to your server.

This is a copy my of settings with clouldflare… isn’t my webmail going thru clouldflare?


This is hat i need the info for… the host and port…

Those are the same settings that your Desktop Computer mail app uses to send mail.

In your DNS page, that “mail” entry should be set to :grey:.

So…your SMTP Host should be set to using your email user ([email protected]) username and password.

Here are their instructions that confirm this:

I got it corrected… It was not tmd hosting said to use my sever name. That fixed it… Thanks for responding…

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