Secure of Cloudflare

Hi everyone, I’m an automation tester. I’m testing for a website using Cloudflare. when I run with default profile (the profile I use daily, and I add my IP to whitelist to bypass Cloudflare) I can access to that website. But when I run with another profile. It cannot bypass Cloudflare. Can anyone help me this problem, pls?

Sounds to me like the security & protection measurements for the particular website using Cloudflare are working as expected. :thinking:

May I ask if the testing website is your’s or rather someone else’s?

If it’s your’s, then kindly navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Security tab → Overview section to check for any of the related firewall events in past 30mins or so, to inspect which Cloudflare service did challenged or blocked you so far from accesing your website.

Hopefully, you’re not abusing Cloudflare network that way or trying out the DDoS and similar? :thinking:
May I ask will you perform those testings over Cloudflare IP addresses (your domain being proxied via Cloudflare, DNS records being :orange: cloud) or over your origin IP address (DNS records being :grey: cloud)?

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