Secure my website

When I reboot my apache server I get this message
name ‘’, matched by ID ‘
[] Cert matches for name ‘
Cloudflare Origin Certificate,=Cloudflare Origin CA, Cloudflare Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate Authority
Cloudflare\Certificate and private key configured from
and F:/Apache24/conf/Certificates/private.key

I’m confused on your issues. The certificate you are showing is a Cloudflare Origin certificate and is only good between your origin server and Cloudflare. If you try to connect directly then you will get an insecure error.

Website not loading I get this error.
Oops, you want to request client authentication, but no CAs are known for verification!? [Hint: SSLCACertificate*]
Where is this SSLCACertificate located?
My website
The only way I can connect to my site is by using my
Private IP address - IPv4 Address

Wherever you place it on your origin server.

I have placed these two files in my Certificates folder on my Apache server.
. They load OK
I load them with my httpd-ssl.conf setup
SSLCertificateFile “F:/Apache24/conf/Certificates/certificate.pem”
SSLCertificateKeyFile “F:/Apache24/conf/Certificates/private.key”
SSLCACertificateFile ???
Where is this file located ? Do I need to put it in my Certificates folder
SSLCACertificateFile ?

You appear to be confusing two distinct features:

  1. Cloudflare Origin CA certificates
  2. Authenticated Origin Pull

The first is provides a certificate and key file that you can use to encrypt communication between your origin and Cloudflare. The second is a means to ensure that you only fulfill requests sent by Cloudflare.

The SSLCACertificateFile Directive is related to Authenticated Origin Pull. Is that what you are trying to configure presently? I find it is easier to add new features after you know the existing ones are working as expected.

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