Secure my ftp server content files/folders

Hi, in my ftp server, i have my content and my developers work on my website and ftp server develop my website.
is there way to give my developer access just to the file they need in ftp server?
for example i want password all unnesccery from my developers that work and have access to my ftp server.
is there solution for this?

May I ask how is that related to the Cloudflare? :thinking:
Are you using Cloudflare Spectrum to access your FTP, also protecting it already, or planning to, or something else?

Depending on your hosting provider and origin host/server, you should be able to create separate FTP users and give your developers the needed and restricted/limited access to the directories which you can choose (so they cannot scout something else from the upper ones, for example).

I’d suggest to sign some NDA with them, if you’re unsure, unaware or working with remotely with them and haven’t got so much trust with them yet.

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i have pro plan Cloudflare and i see that i have “Spectrum” , but i dont use it becaouse i dont know how, please tell me and give me some help to run it and connect it and the right way to give access.