Secure IP address

Why my website IP is not secured as website DNS

I am not sure what you are trying to say?

Can you post your domain and a screenshot of the error or an example of what the issue is?

actuly when i open my website, it shows secured. bt when i insert ip address of my website then, it shows not secured

I assume you are talking about a Cloudflare context. In that case you cannot access your site by IP address.

Capturdfde ,

how to secure IP address

That is accessing your IP directly, bypassing Cloudflare and hence not Cloudflare related.

You will need to set up an HTTPS certificate and configure your server accordingly. Please search online resources for that topic as it is a bit beyond the scope of the forum here.

Can we perform it using Cloudflare

Thats something you need to do on your server. If you need a secure website you need to secure your site and that requires a certificate.

is there any way to secure ip address of website using clouflare.

What do you mean by secure? You can block all requests except for Cloudflare but you still need a certificate on your server.

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I want to implement SSL on my website. I just want if someone hit my website domain name and website ip address , then the visitor will directly redirect to my (Valid Certificates)Secured website.

This should be primarily a question for your host.

i need help…

Dont get me wrong, but this forum is for Cloudflare related topics. You need a certificate on your server and that is not related to Cloudflare. What did your host say regarding this topic?

Go to and have a certificate issued which you can then install on your server.

Though that will still require a domain name, Lets Encrypt does not issue certificates for IP addresses. You will probably have to go the paid route then.

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