Secure Connection Failed when redirecting from www to naked domain

I followed this tutorial Redirect to about redirecting “www” to naked domain.
Currently I’m trying to do this for a subdomain: “

So as shown in the steps I first created an “A” record for “www.sub” pointing to a dummy ip “”. After that I went into page rules and applied the same rule shown in the tutorial.

When going to “” it works perfectly.
When going to “” it gets forwarded to https, and works perfectly.
When going both to “” or “” I get a “Secure Connection Failed”.

I went over this error in some of already posted questions, but mainly it seems from errors with the certificate. I know my certificate is working since I get to see my website under https when using the naked domain. And the redirect is working since whatever I’m doing, I always get redirected to “”.

Any suggestion is appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

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