Sectigo SSL problem

I got a Sectigo certificate and set it up on my website, then I set up the Cloudflare CDN for the website. Now the SSL certificate shows by identification sites and the view site information part of the browser does not show my Sectigo SSL certificate even though the Sectigo certificate is set for the website! and
it still shows a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. I have also tested the website in anonymous and new user mode, but it still shows free ssl!
What should I do to show the Sectigo certificate and update certificate?

Cloudflare is now proxying for your website and supplies the SSL certificate that visitors see (Universal SSL). The SSL certificate on your origin is being seen by the Cloudflare proxy when it connects to your origin, but visitors to your site won’t see it.

If you want to use the certificate you have for your origin on the Cloudflare edge, you will need to have a business or enterprise plan to upload the custom certificate.


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