Secondary DNS from another provider

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I want to use another DNS hosting provider for secondary/slave DNS. Please, advise on setting up CF.

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You cant do that with Cloudflare. You need to switch your DNS servers entirely to Cloudflare.

@sandro sick. Taking AXFR is the standard DNS service, is there a technical reason for this ban or it’s the company’s policy? Considering reliability, there’s no good of both (I’d like 4+!) DNS servers sitting in Silver Spring…

I take, this is most probably not the real life issue, but anyway it annoys (and contradicts RFCs as well)…

Which ones does it contradict? It nowhere says a DNS provider has to support it and Cloudflare simply does not. There is no issue with that and the decision is definitely not “sick” as you chose to word it.

It could possibly have a certain convenience but if you really want to sync that you can always go the API route and sync it yourself.

RFC 2182 S.3 and S.5. Very old, but never updated. Guess why?

@sandro, look, I’m trying to get the answer. The clarified question was

But I’ve got “f$%k off and DIY” from you. I don’t want to be mean, but I’m here for help. So could you, please, either answer the question (if you have one) or stop messing the topic?


Neither of those sections say that a provider MUST support more than N or transfer to an external server out of the provider’s control. Cloudflare’s nameservers are a virtual construct advertised from all 194+ of their datacenter globally. Performance and availability would appear generally meet the goals of S.5 at least according to DNS Perf.

It’s not a service Cloudflare provides. You can as @sandro indicated roll your own using our API or tools which leverage it such as OctoDNS. However proper configuration of Cloudflare in a Full setup to maintain service requires that Cloudflare’s nameservers be the only servers listed at the registrar.

You can choose to use Cloudflare as a secondary nameserver (for Enterprise customers), however there are a number of limitations in terms of functionality available in that configuration in terms of other Cloudflare functionality which you would likely want to discuss with your account team.

This is a community forum and folks answering here are doing so on their own time. I understand you might not like @sandro’s answer but the technical bits of it are spot on.

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You did not get any of that from me. It was you who chose such a vocabulary and called it a “sick” decision. Not exactly nice in my dictionary.

And yes, I did try to help you. I told you it was not possible and what to do to achieve it nonetheless. If you dont like that - factual - answer, I am sorry but you shouldnt ask on a public forum then.

@cs-cf, ty, I got the point.

Btw, as I’m new to the community, is here a way to “dislike” or at least block (make invisible) a person being obstructive, wonky and pettish? :rofl::rofl:

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