Second location, second tunnel but Error 1033


I have a server running multiple things at home.
I setup a cloudflare tunnel pointing to my domain and all is working like a charm.

I also have a server running at my parents house. So different public ip (dynamic) etc.

my goal is to achieve the following:
homeserver. example. com is configured in tunnel A to Cloudflared docker at home.
parentserver. example. com is configured in tunnel B to Cloudflared docker at parents home.

now, whatever i do i seem to not be able to get this running. Cloudflare Tunnel error 1033 when i navigate to the specified subdomain.

Funny enough, the token provided by cloudflare to install the cloudflared docker container in tunnel B seems to be exactly the same as the token in tunnel A but this could be normal?

anybody able to guide me tho the right config?