I have been using Openssl Certificate on my website. But now when i moved to cloudfare SSL Certificate and I am getting following error:


I have installed Origin Server Certificate
Plz help

If you use a Origin Server Certificate you must proxy the Domain/Subdomain you have implemented this on, as CloudFlares Origin Server Certificates are not publicly valid and just ment to use behind domains which are proxied by CloudFlare.

Yes, Iam doing that. I have changed nameservers in godaddy and TLS mode is set to Full (strict)

Can you provide your Domain so i can test it?

here is the domain

When I resolv the NameServers they point to Host Europe GmbH


Therefore your Domain is not using CloudFlare. If you already changed your NameServer to the one provided by CloudFlare/GoDaddy you will have to wait untill they are propagated.

But looks like they have not been set anywhere:

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Yes… yesterday only I have changed these. Thanks for the help

But they are not NameServers from CloudFlare. So change your NameServer to the one from CloudFlare and wait untill they are propagated.

Then you can use the SSL Certification from CloudFlare. But as you ATM are not using CloudFlares NameServer you do not proxy traffic by CloudFlare and therefore you can not use CloudFlares SSL Certification.

You are welcome!

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