Searching for domain name doesen't open website

hi guys the website won’t open when searching for just “” but it will if i search for altough i connected both the domain and the, any tips?

Nothing changed since the last discussion, you still need to clarify this with your host. Cloudflare is not involved here.

ok thanks Sandro for always be so promptly available to help me, really appreciate it!

one last thing, you think the problem is with my webhost not issuing the SSL right?

Absolutely correct. Your server does not have a valid certificate and that needs to be fixed at that address your domain is pointing to.

awesome thanks for the last clarification, i will try to get them to fix it.

again, really appreciate the help Sandro :muscle:, btw are you from Italy if you don’t mind me asking?

Just to elaborate, what Cloudflare could provide in this context would be an Origin certificate - Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs - however that’s not all that different from any Let’s Encrypt certificate and still needs to be configured by your host on the server.

As for your other question, location currently no, ancestry it’s complicated :slight_smile:

yeah, I tried creating an Origin CA but I thought I had to place that inside Godaddy, and to do that I would have needed Cpanel with a subscription so I skipped that option…

So you think I could tell my host that I already have a cert they can use and that they just need to install that in case they can’t issue one themselves?

Got it :grin:

You have to place the certificate with your webserver, which seems to be that host.

Bottom line, the current issue is something that needs to be fixed by your host and they need to configure a valid certificate (can be an Origin one, but does not have to be). Once that works, the site should load.

ok thanks i will try that

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