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We are going to send our clients 10 videos links for example and we want them to send us the Video IDs of the 2 or 3 that they like. However, when I enter the Video ID that they have sent back to us into the search field it does not return a result??

Any ideas?

According to the Search box, you need to search on the meta name (“filename” of that video). I was able to confirm that a search works.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 8.34.27 AM

Thanks! Yeah I saw that as well BUT when you stream a video there is no where for the client to select the filename that I can see so it makes it impossible for us to cross reference. Unless I am missing a setting to “show” certain info when streaming.

You’d have to make an API call to List videos, then search results for that video ID string and parse out the filename. Yes, it’s cumbersome and I don’t know why the dashboard doesn’t just let you go by the ID, which is what most systems here do.

Maybe @blas can share some wisdom on this.

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To be honest, I was a little surprised. It definitely should allow or the search of Video ID or any info showing in the stream under the settings of the video. What I am doing is far from unusual and for this, if my clients can not direct me to what they need this service just won’t work for me. Guess is a bare-bones setup. :frowning:

Thanks for your help anyway. :+1:

I mean even if they sent me the link back and I have 100 videos of very similar material I would be hard pressed to find the right video since there is no reference to the name.

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Hi there @Stoneman,

Currently, searching by video ID is not yet built into the Stream Dashboard, and can be done only via the API. I do know the feature is in the works, but unfortunately, I cannot provide an ETA on this.

Here’s the API doc for reference:

I hope this helps!


Hey @Stoneman @sdayman!

I also don’t know why the dashboard doesn’t just let you go by the ID. It totally makes sense for the search box to search for both the ID and the field.

I’ll get video ID counted in the search functionality by tomorrow morning US time and post an update here :slight_smile:


That is amazing and THAT is customer service, thanks so much for this very simple but very critical improvement. Standing by for the update. :slight_smile:

@sdayman thanks for connecting the dots!!


Hey! We just made the change to the search criteria. You can now use both video id or in the search bar!


I can confirm that it works on a search for the entire ID. Yay! Not partials, though, so it’s not acting like a live filter similar to other parts of the dashboard.

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So long as our clients can copy paste the full ID from the video player (and they can) this will work perfectly! Thanks again!!


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