Search Icon in Menu became a square


Hey guys,
For some strange reason my Search icon in my menu has become an empty square. I have disabled all plugins and that has not solved it, not have I done anything recent to have changed it. I checked around online and saw a post about CONS. That wasn’t the issue on my end as my site URL matches my WP address. The next suggestion in the list was to check with my CDN. So here I am, any ideas as to why this happens?

It is just to the right of the profile picture.

Thanks in advance!


It likely is a similar issue as Wordpress and Cloudflare - icons are not shown anymore


Thanks Sandro. I have checked the link and it seems nothing there can solve the issue. I don’t have a CONS error and all my caches are cleared…


Similar, not necessarily the same. I’d check the developer tools and the element in question as to why it is displayed in the way it is. Thats mostly a question for something like StackExchange though.

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Okay cool… I’ll see what I can find. Im currently chatting to my hosts and hoping they have an idea

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