Search Contest 2021 infection?

Hi folks. My domain on which I run a WordPress site has been infected with the “Search Contest 2021” malware which redirects all my visitors to a scam page. I contacted my host Bluehost who told me to set the SSL settings in Cloudflare to flexible and purge the cache. I did both and the problem remained. Bluehost told me to contact Cloudflare so I came here.

The last StatCounter visit was 15:14 Tuesday 8th June. I did a search of the community here for the virus and nothing came up.

Running the diagnostics on here, I took the advice to proxy “all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.” and enabled DNSSEC with GoDaddy just now.

Anything I can do? Finding the whole thing quite confusing.


Have a look around at this and make sure to secure your WordPress website using some of the security plugins like Wordfence:

Unfortunately Flexible SSL is really not an option at all to have it enabled. Rather, it should be Full (Strict) SSL.

Purging Cache, yes that would be needed to do too.

A proppery way to setup SSL (Full Strict) with Cloudflare would be like written on below article:

Regarding the issue which remained:

Have you checked and cleared your database and theme and plugin files too?
WordPress reinstallation (default files overwriten), etc.?

Okay, meaning it should be :orange: cloud.

I am afraid CF community does not provide any viruses at all. Furthermore, regarding some kind of an “anti-virus”, I am not sure how Cloudflare could help you here.

There are tools like Sucuri, etc. scanners either already integraded into an interfaces like cPanel, or some like ClamAV, etc. which can detect infected things and clean them.

Thanks a lot for the swift responses, everyone – I really appreciate it. I’ll take a while to work through the suggestions. I’m not able to access my WordPress dashboard so I’m just researching how to reinstall WordPress and backup etc through other methods.

Let me try these and get back to you. I’m not even a bit techy but will try my best.


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