Search Console Rendering And Indexing Issues

I have been having issues with pages getting crawled and unindexed, and when I live test the pages it says there are mobile issues were the rendering is different than the live website (“text too small and too close together”.

It does seam like the indexing issues gets worse when I turn on cloudflare, as I have tried to turn it off and there was a recovery so I am not sure what could be causing it.

Here are the screenshots of the live test:

Any insight into how to resolve this would be appreciated! Thank you.

Is this something @FRITEX specializes in?!

I’d suggest adding more padding around it, if so :thinking:

Furthermore, that’s not the error, rather a warning or a notice as a suggestion for improvement. There’s always a room for improvement in everything :wink:

May I ask what changes did occur, how and what have you compared, or what cane be seen so?

Screenshot cannot always render good due to the limitations of the GSC tool for executing the JavaScript, finalizing the HTTP request, etc.

But I think the “warning” about text being too small/too close is a result of the rendering issue. And the pages that do not render correctly are getting unindexed. While there are some pages that render correctly, and their is no mobile warning.

And this is random, were the clicks and impressions of the overall site go rapidly up and down over the last year. The GSC chart looks like a heart monitor - with drastic ups and downs - 80% or more swings - like it is binary.

It seams like something with Google is not meshing with the site.

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