Search Console cannot fetch sitemap.xml


I’m trying to add sitemap to google search console but google can’t fetch the sitemap.xml for some reason…
Here is the website:
Sitemap: OR

So here is my debuggings so far:

  • Tried redirecting
  • Tried hand building XML file
  • Tried hosting xml file in R2 bucket.
  • I also waited 2 day and tried again.

Right now I have no idea :smiley:


Have you checked your Firewall Events? If not, please go to, pick your zone, then filter for any events containing “sitemap”. This may tell you if any Cloudflare security feature is blocking/challenging Google’s requests.

I don’t have any firewall…

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I only now see this topic is under the Cloudflare Pages category. I don’t have enough familiarity with Pages to help you debug this issue, but other volunteers in this community surely do.

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From the search console try the url inspection tool to see what google sees. It might also show you if there is an error.

Here you go…

Thanks when viewing “tested page” does it show you the expected contents?


I finally figured out what was wrong. It was becuase of .ml domain name, after we switched to production .com and refetched using google search console. It worked flawlessly.

Thanks for help!