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Hi, we have the following scenario, we have old, low-quality images that perform well in old posts, BUT their size is an issue (for example Google Discover needs images that are 1200px). So we are trying to replace old images using “Media Replace” (WordPress website). The old image is seamlessly replaced: name, URL, date, everything stays the same. WordPress doesn’t get notified about the new replaced image, does Cloudflare turn the new image into webp, or it just displays the old webp? How does Cloudflare gets notified about the replacement, if WordPress doesn’t know? If yes, how can we check?
Please advise

Sorry I didn’t know how to edit the initial post. The website is hosted on a server with Cloudflare Enterprise, and I believe the webp is made by Polish.

With the premise that, if you have actual Cloudflare’s Enterprise plan you should have a contact internally to handle these issues, the solution here is pretty simple: just purge the cache for the asset’s url once it’s updated.

It will eventually be replaced automatically, according to the cache-control header and various other things.

Thanks for your answer. The hosting company does have an Enterprise plan, but as the end user, it’s harder to actually contact Cloudflare as the Enterprise user (I guess). I asked the guys at the hosting company, but I’m not convinced :slight_smile:

Oh, then yeah, you are not an Enterprise customer.

Do you have an actual account with Cloudflare, meaning you can access the Cloudflare Dashboard or not?

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Yes, I can access the Dashboard, but with an email address automatically made by the hosting company. Don’t know if I can access that email address, never tried. I just wanted someone that knows 100% to tell me if the webp is re-created at some point, just to be sure, we’re talking about clients’ websites with a million monthly pageviews, cannot risk.

So, wait, the hosting company is providing you with an e-mail they control to access the dashboard at

This is a pretty terrible security practice.

The answer I already gave. If you want the image to immediately, just purge the cache (for the specific asset by URL), otherwise it will update itself slowly.

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The email address is somehow automatically generated on their secondary domain (something like that), don’t know if they or we have access

They sure have, as for you then you need to tell me.

It’s still exactly the opposite of how things should be configured.

Would you mind sharing the hosting company name?

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