Scripts don't seem to be showing

I have the ssl working on the cloudflair and every thing seems to be working great, but I have form, any one have any ideals?
s that don’t show where they should

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What’s the URL for that form?

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I’m the same guy you talked with the other day, my URL is
I have GoDaddy and they say its on their end but they haven’t fixed it yet…

This is the form I’m trying to open

I’m not sure what I can do to get these forms to work on here every thing else seems fine so far.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

That might require login to test, as I’m getting a 404. What I usually do is open my browser’s Dev Tools (F12 on Chrome) and watch the Console tab for errors. The Network tab also sometimes has info as well.

I sure can give you a login if you wish to help is it safe here to post it?

Not safe to post login info here. I was just suggesting where you need to look to track down the errors. Hopefully GoDaddy can help you figure it out.

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