Script issue


I have a problem with the script. After about 24h the menu on my website does not work for some reason. It started to happen only after I had been using Cloudflare.


Thank you for asking.

Without knowing your domain name or URL to test this and troubleshoot, let me give you few suggestions from below.

Might be the “Rocket Loader” feature. Could you try to disable it and see if anything different? :thinking:

Navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Speed → Optimization → Scroll down to find section “Rocket Loader” and toggle it off (grey).

Also, try to disable the “Auto Minify” feature for HTML, CSS and JS, just in case :thinking:

Hi Again!

Tnx for replying! Here is my URL:

The drop-down menu on the mobile causes me problems and does not work. interestingly when I purge the site, it works again, but after about 24h the drop-down menu on my website does not work.

May I ask what is the selected option at “Browser Cache TTL” section when you navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration? :thinking:


it says:

1 year

Should i change it to 24h?

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