<script> inserted at end of html page by Cloudflare

There is a line being inserted by Cloudflare at the end of the html page (immediately before the tag). This script seems to be causing display problems at the end of my html page. When I run the same html, javascript, css locally outside of Cloudflare (on my PC or from another test website server), there are no such display problems. I have tried turning off all speed performance features (brotli, minifying, etc.) to no avail. The problem persists.

I am using Cloudflare’s free plan. What does the;
(function(){var js = "window … line do?
It appears to be adding an iframe? ( …document.createElement(‘iframe’)…). Is this a security/challenge feature of Cloudflare?


I found the problem … (it was somewhere between my keyboard and my chair).

I switched off “Bot fight mode” and this removed the inline script being inserted into my html page right before the “/body” tag. Having this set to “on” is probably preferable. But it does reveal a weakness in my html coding which was otherwise “hidden” when there was no script line inserted. So please ignore my question/post. Thanks!

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