Scrape shield - Email obfuscation does not work

we’re trying to use your scrape shield to obfuscate our email addresses on our website, but we’re unable to make it work. Check out this URL for example Contact i18n, l10n and translation tool for devs – Localazy.

• The scrape shield is active
• The proxy on our domain is active
• We’re using the a href attribute to display the email
• MIME type is text/html
I don’t know what else to do, since the documentation on the feature is not very elaborate.

Thanks for help!

It looks like you’ve done everything right as far as I can see. I’ll bump this into the escalation queue.

I’d adjust the cache-control header on the server to drop no-transform


Thanks @sandro! This could be it. We’ll try and let you all know.

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We’ve dropped the cache-control : no-transform header and it works now.
It was a default setting of our server, so maybe it’s worth adding it into some troubleshooting guide.


Good suggestion @honza1 - I’ll see if we can get our KBs updated to point this one out.


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