Scrambled credentials

I set my site up in November using GoDaddy but obtained my certificates through Cloudflare. Everything was working fine until I checked it a few days ago and now I get this error. Nothing has changed on the server itself and I made no changes to the certificate. Any idea where to go from here to get it working?

Also, same response from Microsoft Edge.

I don’t recall seeing that error very frequently, but there is a #CommunityTip with some quick fix ideas that may help. I can reproduce the error.

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That domain is not using Cloudflare. It is using GoDaddy DNS and resolves to a GoDaddy server.


It was originally using the cloudflare DNS when I first received the error. Went through GoDaddy to fix it and they had switched that around. I will have to switch that back first then ask for help again assuming that everything doesn’t fix with that as it is always best to eliminate all other possibilities first.

It’s showing a Cloudflare origin certificate, which is good…but only works for websites proxied by Cloudflare.

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First off, appreciate all the help. Changed the DNS. Got the error that it points to an invalid IP and change the A setting on the DNS. Did so.

New error.

I was able to fix this by changing my setting on Cloudflare SSL to Full rather than Full(Strict). Thank you for your help.

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That’s weird. It looked like an origin cert that should be accepted in Full (Strict) mode, though I admit I didn’t check all the hostnames on the cert.

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