Score Downgraded After Install Particle Apps

Dear All

I just installed particle apps (from Cloudflare apps dashboard) for my website.

After I install that apps, my PageSpeed and Pingdom score downgraded from 100 to 97.

I know it’s not bad. But I want to get back my perfect score without losing the particle apps. How to make it possible? Maybe I have to download / move the script from Cloudflare to my own server? Or another way?

I use page rules cache everything and Autoptimize plugin installed.


The creators of each App can choose whether the app itself is loaded in the head or the body of the document. Some apps necessarily may wish to be loaded early in the head which will mean they are classified as render blocking.

The best thing you can do here is contact the App author to confirm whether this positioning is strictly necessary for the app to function and share your speed test results with them so they have an example to look at.

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Finally I fixed this issue. I just uninstalled the particle apps from Cloudflare dashboard and move them to Particle Background WP plugin. Now I got my score back to 100 again. Thanks all.

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