Schedule a time for DNS Change

Is it possible to schedule a time to apply a DNS change in Cloudflare?

A website is being migrated by site hosting company, but we want to present a maintenance page during the migration. The hosting company won’t apply the DNS change themselves, before and after the migration. If we can set a time to update the DNS to point to a maintenance page before the migration starts at 3am in the morning, then time a DNS change an hour later after the migration, we can automate the process.

Hi @infrastructure9,

That sounds like a good idea to have scheduled changes. It is not possible AFAIK in the dashboard, but you may be able to do something with the API Cloudflare API v4 Documentation.

If you would like to see this as a feature, you can edit your post to change the category to Feedback > Product Requests so other community members can vote on the idea.

The problem with that is that DNS is pretty much unschedulable. Changes on Cloudflare will happen relatively instantaneously, but everything else might be cached for quite some time.

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