Scary Recaptcha

Happy Holidays to all the great people at Cloudflare!

First, thank you for providing remarkably great services on your free tier. I honestly cannot fathom how this works for you as a business model, but I sincerely very greatly appreciate all that you do.

Please consider revising the giant super-scary orange triangle warning thingy that appears when I use a firewall rule recaptcha. Example …

My visitors report that rather than clicking through to my site, they run screaming from their keyboards and hide traumatized under their beds for days. I am of course exaggerating just a bit, but it is unduly scary and off-putting. Please consider making it friendlier-looking.

Again, thank you for all that you do. Please stay awesome.

Best, Kenny



Recategorise this under “product request” and you shall have my vote :smile:

For now I believe you can customize that page on the Pro+ plans

But it would be nice for a different Captcha page to show up if it was triggered via a Firewall rule, since “you should run an anti-virus scan on your device” doesn’t really apply if the site owner is the one putting up the captcha page.


Maybe it’s time for Cloudflare to make those pages look nicer. The good news is it’s less scary on mobile.

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