SCARY as customer not able to contact human being here!


Hi everyone,

I entered all credit card details, clicked submit, and NOTHING happens yet the button stays grey: cannot be clicked again.

So I went on an odyssee to find one, just ONE, customer contact email, but NOTHING:
Every “Contact support” link goes to
where Cloudflare mgmt dares to ONLY offer “articles” as “solution”. Ridiculous. SCARY, to give financial details to a “business” that is no business because it aims to run solely on bots. No human contact possible. SCARY.

Changes this instantly, will you? You want to be a business, no?

Now: what with my entered credit card details, when will your page resolve?
The year ends in 2months…

Feel free to move my post, yes. But leave it public: Everyone needs to see they are starting a relationship with a bot system…



While I agree that it is not precisely easy to find the support address, I equally do not think it is necessary to storm into the forum with that attitude and yell all CAPS how scary everything is. That could also be discussed in a somewhat more civilised manner.

Contact them at their support address at “[email protected]”.


You have the right to think and word the way you feel, and customers have the right to think and word the way they feel.

CAPITALS are totally justified, in this case all the more. It is fricking SCARY to give financial details to BOTS.

If you don’t get that, you’re wrong in any role of customer service, mod, or whatever.

This again is no insult, but simple fact. In customer service roles one needs foremost be able to THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER. If we can’t do that, we need to do a different job. There are many jobs where we don’t need a customer mindset…

As for the email you mention: IF it were so, then the email would, and should, be posted CLEARLY visible, at the very least at the end of all those “check these first” pages and articles…

Again, this is how CUSTOMERS feel. Accept it or not. Doesn’t matter.


You have the right to do whatever you want but you must also be willing to face the consequences.

Not really.

Could you please explain what you mean by that? Maybe you are new to the Internet, but you always hand your data to automated systems.

Were so? It is so. And I already addressed the visibility point. I think you need to calm down. Contact support at the given address if you have an issue with the billing.


No comment, other than you go on customers’ nerves with your all too personal weird views that you feel the need to repeat without being asked.

Any more of this will go in SPAM where it belongs.


For support you can also submit a request in that page you already mentioned, there is a big green button below almost every page that sends a message to their customer support humans. This is exactly the same as sending an e-mail to the address posted by @sandro which is not commonly posted just for this reason as there is an alternative way, usually preferred.

I would also ask to moderate your tones, everyone can fail to see that button, but from there going straight to accusing a company of being run by bots (which, quite frankly, what company doesn’t at the moment in tech for some parts of their structure?), yelling in the forums is quite a stretch.


If you want to live in an echo chamber where your “feelings” are uncontested I’d recommend not to post on a public forum.

You were told what to do to rectify your problem, if you now do so is up to you.