Scanning takes too long



I just registered, I started to scan my web and it took 55 minutes, after it finished, I started from 55 again …

Use this page:

Please, it’s important.


That doesn’t sound right. I suggest you open a Support Ticket, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Can you help me? What i do here?


Add another CNAME for that points to the same 000webhost address as the www cname.


For example?
I don’t know so much


From your picture:

  1. Where it says “A” for the menu choices, pick CNAME instead.
  2. Where it says “Name” enter
  3. Where it says IPv4 address, have it say (same as your other entry)
  4. Click “Add Record” (the green box)

Then click the green “Continue” box.


what is the error of the orange circle


Hey @brain_ocio,

That’s not actually an error but more an information saying that this record will be flattened at the root level since you can’t CNAME to the APEX on a given domain ( CloudFlare will flatten this record in order to operate DNS resolution as if it was a A record.
Then, did you know that you can upload all your DNS records via a BIND configuration file? For that, go to the “Advanced” menu and you’ll see a menu where you can upload a zone file.


how to fix this? is the third time that happen

I put your dns in the tk domain


@brain_ocio, this error indicate that your backend server responded with that status code, Cloudflare EDGE is just replaying the error to your visitor in a pretty fashion with the information of the connection.

If you suspect your application to deliver that status code too much, i suggest you look at your webserver logs to see where the issue is coming from.


This has happened 2 times the last hour, i should contact the hosting service or domain?


Since it’s more an application issue, I would say your hosting provider.


Ok i’ll contact