Scammer using Cloudflare to obscure identity

A scammer created a website that mimics my own, using stolen pictures. I’m trying to get it down. They contacted a bunch of my followers on Facebook and people gave them credit card info.

This is the site that is the impersonation:

This is my real site

I contacted some different web hosts but they seemed to be using several different hosts and shell companies. See . I reached out to one possible host, and they sent me this: “It appears the owner of the domain is using the reverse proxy service provider, Cloudflare, to mask the true IP address of the website. This means we cannot accurately determine the true host of the site and must recommend that you contact Cloudflare directly. Cloudflare will redirect your complaint to the current hosting provider so that it can be addressed accordingly.”

Can you help?

You can file an abuse report here…

After an acknowledgement you may not hear anything further so will need to watch to see if the site is taken down by the host or registrar.

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If you haven’t involved law enforcement yet, you may want to consider it, as well.

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