Scammed and error 524

Hello all,

I seem to have been scammed by a website, using cloudflare. I got fooled into paying 150 USD, after which, this person decided to i think either block or ban me, using possible cloudflare.
Now everytime i try to access this site, i get this the error: 524.
However when i try to use a different browser, where im not logged into the account, that i am on previous browser, the website works completely fine, and i have no issues at all with cloudflare.
What can there be done against people using cloudfare, to scam people then block them from using or going to their site, using cloudflare?

HTTP Error 524 is not a Block Error Code, its a Timeout. Maybe the Server from this Site has a Problem with your Account and the Connection Times out when it tries to Log you in. When you are sure the Website is scamming you contact your local authorities for this. Cloudflare is not a hosting Provider and cant directly do something against these Sites because Cloudflare does not host them.

You can try to fill a Abuse Report at Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare . Cloudflare will only accept Reports for the Kind of Reports listet on the Site

Thank you for your response. The reason i thought it got blocked like that, is due to the fact that, on chrome when i sign in on the account on that website, i get this error and the website never seems to be able to load up.
Then i go to a different browser, not logged into any account, and the website seems to magically works without any issues or problems. So if it is not cloudflare block, what else could it be? Cookies?
Thank for giving that abuse report link. Much appreciated

Like i already said that Error Code 524 indicates a Timeout. Maybe the Webserver received the Request and was unable to complete it in Time. That you can access the Website in a Browser where you are logged out indicates that you are not Blocked but the Website Fails to Complete the Request in Time when you are logged in. There can be many Reasons for this to happen, like a broken Database Lookup. What exactly the Problem for this i can only the Website Owner tell you. Try to contact them.

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It seems like an abusive site, report it via Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

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