Scam website

hi, what i have here is a scam site selling a game for a really low price. “Sooftware Boost” (Name of the website)

i wanted to buy it via online and did’nt check to se if it was trust worthy(my fault)
but of course i tried to refund they didnt give me any attention and just ignored me
alot of other people had this problem with it, but by the looks of it, im the first one who, came all the way here.

So of course i was mad and went to see who hosted this web, and it led to you guys.

i just wanted to see if you guys, could see if this is verdict, and do something about it.
of course if Cloudflare as a company cant, i wont be mad, but just saying, theres a lot of people that may think bad of you guys by hosting it.

Cloudflare is a proxy that sits in-front of websites, it is very rarely hosting any content at all.

You can report the website at which will forward the report onto the website’s hosting company.

already did thx

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