Scam website redirect to my website

There is a scam website


. It had scammed a lot of people and now it’s redirected their website to my website "" and all their users are blaming me for the scam. Is there any way to stop that redirect?

Sorry to hear about that, I’ll (and us; the community) will help (or attempt to help) you resolve this!

I would advise reporting the scam site ( for “Pinshing” (deceptive content), so it doesn’t redirect to your website (!

I mean, that’s what I would do at least

Note: You’ll need to visit to report the site; reports cannot be made via the community forum! isn’t using Cloudflare, so there’s nothing the Abuse department can do.

As that site is no longer functioning, getting it categorized as malicious will be difficult to do.


Yeah. and it just redirected (and said this notice)


I added this notice. But there users are still blaming me.

Well that sucks, but as @sdayman mentioned, getting (which immediately redirects to your site) marked as malware will be “difficult to do” (see quote below)

Is there any way to find which hosting provider or DNS provider they are using? I will report them.

Ok. That domain is registered on GoDaddy and Using their nameservers. I had submitted an abuse request there. I hope they will solve it. Thank You!

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You’re welcome!

Check if the redirect has a referer header and then create a block rule in Cloudflare. But depending on the redirect it may not have that header so check first.


I would not add a JavaScript alert() function, but rather with a notice like at:
They have a yellowish notification bar, which they use for all types of notifications (warnings/surveys etc…).

The alert() function does have several disadvantages:

  1. you can not load the whole site without accepting it, so a lot of crawler/benchmarks which actually not just crawl the source code, but also apply CSS and JS will fail on this page from now on.
  2. you can write more in such a notification bar and style it, refer to a little blogpost where you explain to all people that this is not your responsibility and make an official statement, while all of it looks professional and styled.

Just my 2 cents.