Says site is already hosted through Cloudflare

A while back I tried Cloudflare and set up my site. I stopped using it. I logged into the account that it was running through, and my site does not show.

I have moved my site to Siteground and am trying to set up cloudflare, but am being told Cloudflare already is used with our site and I have to delete the installation.

How do I find the account info that my site is apparently listed under? It is not the one I have emails from.


Hi @accounts, this comes up on this site from time to time and the best option, assuming you’ll not be able to find the email associated with your account, is to add the site to your current account and change the nameservers to those assigned.

I don’t recall an instance where someone shared back that they were able to recover access in such a situation. Community members cannot access your account and Support can only work with registered account owners. If your email and domain are a mismatch, Support is unable to assist you.

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