Says, "Domain is not registered" - Although it is registered

I’ve a domain which was already in CF, but very recently I noticed it is removed from CF without any notification to me. My site has gone down. Now again I tried to add it on CF. Strange to see the error message: “Domain is not registered”. How?

It is already there, and it is registered in BigRock. I thought may be bigrock is showing something wrong so, I tried to register the same domain from another registrar and it says “already registered”. Also Whois data shows it is registered and the expiry date. How come CF doesn’t allow me to add it by saying it is not registered.

Have you tried this guide:

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Did you get this figured out @sptutusukanta I noticed over the weekend we had a handful of folks with .in zones that they could not add to Cloudflare as the customers changed nameservers prior to adding the zone. I suspect that is the first or second reason we see people receive that error. Other times it’s usually just a new name and the nameservers are not responsive.

Let us know if it worked out ok.

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