Say hello! Will free website expire?

Hello CF community. Ma name is Marcin, and I say big hello to You! I’m here because I have 2 domains in CF. Its subscription is free website, and I don’t know how if I have extend my subscription, whether it expires at all? I’m afraid, some day You close my account, and all data will be gone. What should I do to secure my account to sleep well? I might pay for account? I will be grateful for clear answer. Cheers mates!

Free accounts do not expire. Your account would only be closed if you violate the terms of service, but that could also happen on a paid plan (well, Enterprise maybe not so much, but thats a different story :wink:).

Which data are you referring to? Cloudflare generally does not host any data of yours, unless you are referring to your basic account configuration.

I refer only to account configuration. Thank You for really fast answer! Great community!

Depending on what you configure it shouldnt be that much data, even in the event that Cloudflare closes your account. But again, that should only happen if there is an actual violation. Otherwise your account will not expire. That is for the time being of course, I cant tell you if Cloudflare might change such a policy at some in the future :slight_smile:

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