Saving videos from live Stream

Is it possible to save video cut from ongoing live stream? For example, there’s a long-running live stream (10 hours or more) and we’d want to extract and save shorter (1 hour) video without stream interruption.

We’re working on something similar to this where you can start recording and stop recording with the press of a button (or API call) while the live input is connected. Would that kind of feature work for you?

Another option is to allow trimming after the live stream recording has ended (but I think that feature might be a little further out).

What do you think?

@renan Hi, it’s great to see Stream services improvements down the road. For our use cases having the ability to extract arbitrary piece from live recording (like DVR) would fit better as we’re generally working with multi-users scenarios.

I guess this might already be possible with DASH but I haven’t managed to save a cut from stream at reasonable speed, seems like it’s limited to real-time, so 1 hour video would be getting saved after 1 hour and that leads to poor UX.

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We have a project where an API route like this would perfectly solve our needs, do you have an ETA or issue tracker to get a rough idea of when this can be used?