Save new firewall rules as draft by default

Area: Firewall > Firewall Rules

I just clicked Deploy by accident, instead of Save As Draft, when I was creating a new firewall rule. This blocked users from accessing our site for about 5-10 minutes until I realized what had happened and took that rule offline.

I want the ability to set a default: that all new firewall rules are saved as a draft, with there being no way to deploy a brand-new rule. In order to deploy it, I’d have to edit the rule, or click a button on the rules list.

Failing that, a confirmation of “are you sure?” or something would be nice. The thing where all I have to do is mis-click one button to block access to production is undesirable.

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I’d recommend using Teraform and implementing a CCRB.

The only relevant result I get searching for CCRB Cloudflare is, literally, this post. What’s it stand for?

CCRB = Change Control Review Board

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