Save logs for 6 months


For compliance reasons I need to make sure that I have logs for the last six months.
I’m new to Cloudflare and any bit of help is usefull.

What I would like to have is 6 months of logs for the following:

  • Audit Logging
  • Analytics / Traffic
  • Analytics / Security
  • Analytics / Performance
  • Firewall
  • Access / Events / Current monthly users
  • Access / Events / All access users
  • Access / Events / Policy change
  • Caching

How can I make sure that Cloudflare saves all the above for 6 months?

P.S. At a later point will integrate with Splunk, but for the moment I need to make sure that the logs are saved.

Thank you!

You will most likely need an Enterprise plan. Only there these things are customisable and Cloudflare will also grant you access to the Edge logs. Otherwise you can only rely on your own server logs.

You best contact sales at


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