Save Cost On Outbound Charge in Cloud

I am using Ms Azure Cloud and they charge bandwidth based on outbound usage. I have daily active users of 20k. Each user consumes in average of 10MB.

20,000 x 10 = 200 GB outbound per day x 30 = 6 TB per month

It is lot of outbound charge for 6 TB per month in Ms Azure. To save this cost I turn to Cloudflare Pro plan. To save further I set cache TTL rule to never expires and let Cloudflare to purge from cache for those content which are lacking of use.

Am I in the right track ?

If the content is mostly shared by all of your users, you are on the correct track, that is what a cache is for.

A recent blog post might help reduce the costs further still.

Hi Michael,

In that article, can you help to elaborate more on this:

“Step 3: Enter your updated endpoint urls from Azure into your Cloudflare dashboard:”

Shouldn’t this already taken care of when I join pro to set DNS in cloudflare ?

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